After being neglected technically for a long time, in addition to not having much time to post here, I’ve finally gotten around doing a number of things like upgrading to WordPress 2.7, debugging and fixing comment posting (there was cruft in the DB), and fixing the XMLRPC hooks, which never really worked for me (hopefully should encourage me to post more).

Although I tend to use twitter for random small musings these days, I’m going to start publishing photos from Flickr, random technical things which I can’t find well documented, and the occasional personal update.

For now, things that have happened since my last update:

  • Settled quite well into the house now. I’m even used to spending 3 hours of commuting each day (DivX and a 3G modem are equall helpful with this)
  • I’ve become quite amazed at how dexterous the really iPhone is. OmniFocus, beejive IM and 1Password have made it a truely invaluable tool for me.
  • Ciara and I disappeared off to New York for 8 days in November for a much needed break. We had a lot of fun upstate in the country and running around NYC. Photos should appear sometime soon.