Actual News

Now that things are actually set in motion, I’m happy to mention this here.

For the last few months, Ciara and I have been looking for a house to buy. We found a house in early May and we passed the point of no return (and yet an uncertain closing date) last week when papers were signed making things much more official. So, in a few weeks I’ll be moving out of Dublin 4 and down to Charlesland, Greystones. 🙂

In other news, I’m keeping busy practicing driving again before I repeat my driving test in early July (after failing the first one in May 2007, apparently 3 weeks of driving experience didn’t appear to be enough to pass the test :-/ ).

I’ve also weakened, due to a number of factors such as a temperamental handset, overpriced Vodafone bills and a vague timeline until Android and the HTC Dream appear, I’m probably going to end up porting over to O2 in July, quite possibly on July 11th, so I can get a shiny, at least until I can pre-order a HTC Dream.