New Server

Over the last few months, my dedicated server from Sagonet has been showing it’s age (I’ve had it since June 2005), mainly with it’s single 80GB hard disk, not to mention the task of upgrading from Debian sarge to etch was sounding like a little too much effot. So, after recommendations from Liam and Gareth, I’ve gotten a new server from and so far, things are going pretty well.

I’ve christened the new server Daedalus and it’s much, much beefier than Icarus – 2x the RAM, a second hard disk, an AMD64 CPU and all sorts of other shiny features, plus I now have a lot more experience running FreeBSD that when I first got Icarus. After a few weeks of setup and careful after hours migratations, Daedalus is now running all the services Icarus was (as confirmed by the facty that you can read this blog post) and even a few more, is under Icarus’ full load and things are looking good.

(Nerdy) Family Reunion…

So, I’m currently on a 5 day training course in work on the Internals of BSD by none other than Kirk McKusick (one of the original 1970s BSD hackers, in case you don’t know your computer history). The course is very, verg good (imagine a CS Operating System course, merged with a hardware couse; but taught by a knowledgeable lecturer because they pioneered this stuff!!!).

I’m finding it quite amusing that many people are hearing interesting features in FreeBSD that is (finally) making them interested in playing with BSD, they all keep downloading the isos to play with on test systems or under a VM system. This made me smile while I continued to setup my new FreeBSD 6.2 server in Germany (more to follow on that), in addition to other machines, such as my FreeBSD 6.2 router at home and other random machines here and there… 🙂

This evening was particularly interesting, when I got Kirk, Eric, a few colleagues and quite a few members of “the family” (well, at least the majority of us still in Ireland – Dave, Ian, Niall, Ian and myself) together for drinks. Drinks and nerdy conversations ensued, which was definitely good fun. 🙂