Pit Stop

I’m currently back in Dublin after my week in Zurich (photos will appear on Flickr soon) and 2 days in Courmayeur and Italy for free snowboarding trial (photos are up here).

Zurich was very nice, good food (particularly bread and molten cheese) and I had fun wandering around. I didn’t get much time to explore Courmayeur given the 2 days I was there and the tight schedule of activities, etc. I did enjoy the party on the Wednesday night (the majority of the photos I have) and snowboarding was good fun, even though my body promptly told me I’m not designed for winter sports.

My next trip starts the day after Valentines Day, when Ciara and I head to London Town. I’m there for work, while Ciara’s coming for pleasure. After a few days in the London office and a weekend away with Ciara in between, I’m returning home via a 2 week stop over in California, since I need to spend some time with people I’m trying to work with remotely.

Well, there’s no rest for the wicked, but at least my life is far from boring…