Ok, I suck…

I meant to post an update here, but I’ve been busy since I returned from the US. Soon after I returned, I discovered that jet lag from travelling 11 timezones is not the most pleasant of experiences.

The last two weeks have been pretty busy, mainly just with work. Last weekend, Ciara and I went to Paris for the weekend, it was nice to explore another European city we had never been to propely before. I even have a few photos of the Eiffel Tower at night and the view from the top of the Arc de Triumph, which I’ll put on Flickr soon (after I also get around to uploading the last of my Maui photos)

On a nerdy side, I’ve mainly just done 2 things. I’m now officially a Debian Maintainer. In a few months, when I’ve done a bit more and actively followed my Debian mailing list traffic again (I’m not a good as I once was in recent times), I’ll look into starting the NM process to become a Debian Developer.

After hearing Colin talk about Amazon‘s S3 service last week, I’ve started playing with the service, primarily as a backup of my iPhoto library. So far, I’m impressed. 🙂

Long Time, No See…

So, the week before last, I was in Santa Monica, California for work. Santa Monica was nice, a touch expensive (which I attribute to the proximity to Hollywood, Malibu and Orange County), but otherwise nice. Pity I was working for all but a few hours of my stay there. Photos of my useful time there are up in the usual place.

Since last Saturday, I’ve been in Lahaina, (Maui), Hawaii on vacaton, which as been wonderful. The combination of interisting heritage, wonderful weather (30°C+ with few, if no clowds) and nothing to do but visit beaches, go to surfing lessons (they didn’t turn out so good – cursh you left knee, why won’t you let me surf pain free!!!) and USD$2 Mai Tai’s have led me to seriosuly consider retiring here in Lahaina, Maui. Photos of my vacation (with a slight posting backlog at the time of present) are also up on Flickr.

Unfortunately, my holiday was marred by a little bit of stress yesterday. I was scheduled to leave on Friday night, so that I would catch my Google fund flights from LAX to Dublin on Saturday, arriving home early Sunday. Due to a natural disaster outside of my control, I got stranded in Lahaina, at the other side of Maui to the airport.

I managed to transfer all 3 of my flights forward 24 hours, but I was planning on being back in Dublin on Sunday, so I could (in some shape or form) be back at work on Monday. Oh well, I guess there are worse places in the world to be stranded for 24 hours…