Jet Set Lifestyle

So, I’ve recently received confirmation from work that I’m off to the US (for my first time ever) on Saturday week. After two weeks of training in The Googleplex (koolaid included), I spend a week in Santa Monica to do some actual work. Then I’m talking a week off as a holiday before I return home.

Deciding where to go on holiday wasn’t overly complicated, since there are only a handful of places in the US I have an immediate interest in seeing (outstanding items on my list consists of New York and Las Vegas/The Grand Canyon). Since I’ll get a few days in San Francisco anyway, there’s only one other place on my list, which is conviently in the neighbourhood (so to speak). So I’m going to spend 6 days sitting on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. Not bad for a holiday destination within three months of finishing college… ๐Ÿ™‚

Do expect lots of photographs taken with my new digital camera to appear on during my travels.

When I return from my travels, I shall be returning to a new desk in the shiny, new block of Google Ireland offices which are next door to the current offices), maybe there will be luxuries such as a gym, on site massages and the sushi bar within the canteen like in the US, but I may not be that lucky…

PDA Showdown

One thing I’ve quickly realised in my new job is that I need to start using a PDA again. It’s just not practical having to manually sync my Filofax organiser with kGTD and iCal. I really have missed my Tungsten-T, although it did live a rich 2.5 year life before dying a few months ago.

So, given my current situation, desktop enviromnent and basic PDA needs, I guess my requirements are:

  • Works with iSync on MacOS X out of the box – the deal breaker
  • Palm Powered – I don’t want a Windows Mobile or Symbian based option, mainly because of the wide range of software available for PalmOS
  • Bluetooth – to use iSync without needing a cable
  • Now, let’s look at my wishlist:

  • QWERTY keyboard – because it’s faster than Grafitti
  • Integrated email Client – so I have a portable, non Crackberry email solution
  • WiFi – so I don’t have to pay my mobile provider rediculous amounts of money all the time.
  • Quad Band GSM/GPRS/UTMS Phone to allow comprehensive roaming (if I go down the Smartphone route)

So, I guess my options are the Treo 650 and the T|X.

The Treo is more expensive, lacks WiFi and is currently becoming obsolete in the US. On the other hand, it is a quad band phone, supports GSM (which I need in Europe, so the Treo 700p in the US is DOA to me) and basically satisfies every requiement or wish list item I have with the single exception of one – WiFi.

The TX is the cheaper of the two and it satisfies all of the requirements except for the QWERTY keyboard and the quad band smartphone. I guess I could use it with my tri band mobile phone to effectively satisfy my wireless GPRS/UTMS requirement. Then all that’s left is the QWERTY keyboard, which could be dealt with by a bluetooth keyboard.

Hmmm, it seems I’m at an empass – do I need WiFi or a QWERTY keyboard more? Does anyone (preferably an existing Treo 650 or TX user) have any suggestions?

Yes, I'm Still Alive…

So, I haven’t updated this in the last two weeks. What have I been up to:

  • Gatecrashed^W Wandered along to ApacheCon EU, primarily to build up my WoT at the GPG Keysigning session. I even managed to fit in a round of “Can Nรณirรญn Say the Right Name?“, which is always fun to play. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Had a lot of hassle with banks as I try to move away from the student banking services I’ve had to live with. Ulster Bank were especially annoying, losing paperwork before internally redirecting it, etc. I thought trying a different branch would make a difference, but after a false positive, alas this theory was disproven. Hooray for incompetence^W gratutitiously inefficient beaurocrasy. </sarcasm>
  • Come to the conclusion within 2 weeks that I really, really, really enjoy my job. My colleagues are great fun, the atmosphere and work environment is very cool, oh and the ethnic food options for lunch every day generates bonus points. ๐Ÿ™‚