Bandwidth Junkie…

After a wonderful 4 days in a place without bandwidth and decent cell coverage, known to the locals as Wexford. Trip included numerous walks and trips to places including The Hook Lighthouse and Johnstown Castle.

There were numerous views and sights that would have made very good photographs, but alas my digital camera is somewhere in Poland, with my ickle brother on an interrailing trip. As a result, I’m considering acquiring a proper camera, most likely a Canon EOS350, (over my other option, the Canon EOS30D – since I may also need a quad band mobile – for when I end up in San Francisco).

Now, to get back to my week of clearing numerous To Do lists, so I can finish up various odd jobs I’ve had as a student, before I officially enter “The Real World” next Monday…

2 thoughts on “Bandwidth Junkie…

  1. I am also considering a Digital-SLR, but won’t be getting a 350D as it’s just too basic. If I’m spending that much I want to make sure I won’t be forking out for a new one after a few months. For a little bit more (ok, maybe a good bit more) you can get the 30D, or 20D which is practically the same thing. Just make sure you get a decent lens with it.

  2. That is the original reason why I was considering the 30D, but comparing the specs between the two shows only a few key differences. Plus, I was able to play with a 350D last week and found it very nice to use.

    With a few lenses, a 350D should be more than sufficient for my needs for quite a while. After that, I could always get a 30D body (when it’s more reasonably priced) to use with the selection of lenses I’ve acquired for a 350D

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