Never Ending…

Last week was busy, but fun.

After being quite busy early on in the week working on a college assignment I arranged to present early, I went off to the exotic location that is Athlone on Wednesday, to attend the HEAnet Networking Conference. The conference was very good. Many techy talks on a wide range of subjects from online idendities and online legal liability to RIPE NCC Whois, IPv6 and Data Retention. I’m definitely considering going next year. If for no other reason to see what the HEAnet “ninja admins” will do next… 😉

Straight from the train back to Dublin, Ciara, Dave and I went to see Elizabethtown. It was ok. Plot has the potential to be very good, but is a bit of a let down. Great soundtrack though, but that’s to be expected of a Cameron Crowe film.

The rest of the weekend was mainly spent reinstalling Windows XP onto Ciara’s laptop ad nausiam in an attempt to get it to work. Eventually I gave up, suspecting the hard disk to be the culprit, but Ciara managed to get Windows reinstalled and actually installing programs today, which was further than I got. I kept having problems after theraputic reboots for newly installed drivers. 😡

Speaking of Ciara, she collected her piece of paper from TCD today. Congratulations to her. 🙂

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