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I finally got someone to look at my IBB connection at home yesterday. It seems I needed a new PoE injector. Once it was replaced, I had an upstream again…

… or maybe not! It seems not only the NIC on my router, but the PCI slot on my router’s motherboard, the NIC was in got zapped. Many combinations of a new NIC and machine later, I still had not got my network up and running again. So, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do something I was considering doing.

I’m consolidating my 2 Debian routers and my FreeBSD file server into one. The reason I ended up with 2 Debian servers was that I couldn’t have 3 NICs in a single machine (1 for the internet upstream, 1 for my wired subnet and 1 for my wireless subnet), so I resorted to 2 machines and static routes between them. Since my FreeBSD server is a beast of an Alpha machine, it currently has 2 NICs and can easily take a 3rd (and a 4th, 5th and 6th, with a few PCI slots still free!!).

This change means I have to learn a bit more about Firewalling and routing in FreeBSD (it’s currently limited to adjusting existing setups), so I’ve armed myself with an offline snapshot of the good old FreeBSD Handbook reference and my trusty USB< -->Serial adaptor (so I can console into my Alpha from my PowerBook).

Hopefully, I should have something up and running this evening so things can go back to the way they were… Ideally, I’d be doing this router setup on a Soekris box, but I don’t forsee having enough time to play with one for a few months. :-/ When I do have the time, maybe I’ll change to using a Soekris as my router.

It’s kind of obvious that working with FreeBSD has started to rub off on me. Not only am I starting to use FreeBSD more and more over Linux, since I find it much more reliable, but I’ve even started looking for BSD swag. Just yesterday, Dave gave me the EuroBSDCon t-shirt he got for me 🙂

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