Ack! My Backgrounds…

Hmmm, after updating my PowerBook to OS X 10.4.3 during the week, I wondered how many improvements I would notice.

The main difference I’ve noticed is that my PowerBook seems to run a lot cooler than it has since I upgraded to OS X Tiger in April. That’s a definite plus, so I’m quite happy.

The other main change I’ve noticed, I’m not so happy with. It only dawned on my this afternoon as to what it was though. My desktop background setup no longer works.

I’ve a large selectong of 300+ widescreen wallpapers I’ve collected from various sources, including Digital Blasphemy and Plasma Design and I tell OS X to rotate my background randomly every 60 seconds, which results in a pleasent morphing transition from one picture to the next (it’s very nice with my translucent settings 😉 ). Now 10.4.3 won’t rotate them. :-/

I guess I’m going to have to raise a thread in the Apple Support Forums to see if this is happenning to anyone else and what could re-enable the feature…

Update: Hmmm, it seems an unanticipated kernel panic and resulting reboot this evening got my backgrounds rotating again. Hooray!

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