About Time…

My brother, who has been working in a shop up in the Dundrum Town Centre, has told me that Starbucks is expected to open in the next few weeks. I guess I should look into nstx finally, before spending hours up there consuming hot chocolate and Toffee Pecan slices. Not a bad plan, come to think of it.

I’m also looking forward to this weekend, Ciara and I are off to Amsterdam for the bank holiday weekend. Somewhere new for me to explore, and finally, somewhere for me to try out the digital camera I bought myself…

Cool, Filtered Air

Well, since my last post, we all know about the tragedies in London. I don’t think there’s much more to say about it, the news coverage is pretty good so far.

So, what else is new? Well, the job is new. The first week has gone well, mainly doing stuff like setting up a test server for myself, setting up Ubuntu on my workstation and messing with CMS scripts.

Yesterday I was out in the Hosting 365 section of the Data Electronics CoLo in Kilcarbery Park. I was replacing a failed disk as a favour for Paul.

New Job…

And my interview in BrowseIreland on Tuesday went well. After all the aptitude and techinal exams they gave me to do, I felt I did well. This was confirmed this afternoon when they called me back and offered me the job. So, I begin on Tuesday, giving me enough time to clean up a few of my other projects at the moment. 🙂

I also got a monster of a toy this afternoon, a Cisco 7200 router on loan from IS Services while I’m studying for the CCNA exams. It should keep me amused for a while… 🙂

Today has also been a bit of a news day for good news, with Software Patents being rejected (for now) and London winning the Olympic Games for 2012. Tomorrow’s news from the G8 conference in Scotland should also (hopefully) be interesting (and good news).


I’ve had an interesting time recently. I went along to the Inaugural IE-NOG event last Wednesday. The talks were interesting, the session in the Schoolhouse afterwards was good fun and I even got to match some faces to the names I see on mailing lists nowadays… 🙂

On Saturday night, I hosted a small barbeque at my house. We had good food (especially the home made cheesecakes for desert) and good fun hanging out and watching parts of Live8.

Today, I got my long awaited results from my exams. I failed 2, Statistics and Compile Design I/Software Engineering.

I’m not overly shocked by Statistics, I’m not a huge fan of expressionistic mathematics. It’s too similar to writing essays in my mind, mathetmatics shouldn’t involve lots of choices, just correct and incorrect methods. Compile Design/Software Engineering wasn’t expected, but is manageable.

At least I passed AI with room to spare and I have escaped from the dreaded OS/Networking course which was obviously meant to produce a long line of O/S and Networking programmers, nothing more. It was clearly based upon a single O/S book and a single networking book, neither of which were wonderfully good. The O/S lecturer is even misguided enough to think that the question “Are threads and processes the same?” can be asked as a true/false question. The correct answer is “it depends on the O/S”. (You can tell I swing both ways between Linux and BSD… 😉

Anyway, tomorrow I’ve a job interview meddling with a few Linux web servers, so off I go to do something constructive with my evening…