Tiger – Out in the Wild…

After TNT delivered my preordered copy of Tiger to me a day early (I suspect Apple underestimated TNT. So did I, actually…), I decided to just bite the bullet and do a clean install on my PowerBook to get rid of some of the residual crap that’s built up…

Are there any differences? Yes.

For a start everything seems to run faster and with a smaller memory footprint. I don’t have a definitive list of applications which didn’t like the change, but Quicksilver seems to definitely be there (unfortunately).

Dashboard is nice, but I am already a Konfabulator fan. Safari 2.0 and Mail 2.0 both seem very nice, I shall play with them a little more over the coming weeks…

More to come later, but first, sleep…

Must…resist…Tiger… 🙂


After 4 years (not 3 years, I took the scenic route) in college, I’ve finally been given a few choices for my final year in college. This week marked the numerous sales pitches for each of the 12 options avaialble to me, as well as the first mention of the "dreaded" fyp.

I haven’t fully decided, but for the moment, my current (mental) shortlist of option subjects are (in my order of preference):

  • Distributed System
  • Mobile Communications
  • Computer Graphics
  • Advanced Databases & Information Systems

The reasons for such choices are simple, the top two are the main networking courses, both of which interest me. I also have an interest in computer graphics and rendering methods (to some degree) and finally, databases and data storage is the only other (vaguely) interesting choice to me.

As for a fyp, I do have an idea incubating, which would see the convergence of a few of my interests. My idea is to pickup the torch on Oi and compete the project. However, a fyp would obviously need more substance than completing a missing module to an old project, hence I also have a few ideas including:

  • Making the code portable (so non Solaris O/S are also supported)
  • Adding UTF-8 support by reimplementing libraries
  • Adding IPv6 support

And a suggestion I have received in my initial brainstorming for this idea:

  • Reviewing and updating the security model – perhaps opting for GnuPG/PGP instead of OpenSSL
  • Adding multicast functionality to lower overhead

After I tracked/hunted down those responsible for programs like “hey” over the years and asked how plausible my idea is.

Now al I have to do is begin the process of finding a supervisor…


After turning 22 back on the 27th (or Easter Sunday to some bunch of Thiests), I’ve been up to a few things.

I had a good time out celebrating my birthday in The Schoolhouse last week. Thanks to all who came.

Since last week also included super pay day (2 months pay after more than one mess up in Feb), Ciara and I went to Belfast last Thurs for a shopping trip. Lots of clothes (especially in Gap, still hope they’ll open up in the Dundrum Town Centre :-/) and a few other interesting things were bought. 🙂

Unfortunately, this week has been a little different. College term started again and deadlines grew closer. At the moment, I’m busy enough with assignments and other stuff. Some of them look interesting, particularly the MPI one that’s going to be assigned soon. I’ll be (ab)using the HPC cluster properly then…

At least working on thog is even more comfortable as of today, I ordered 2GB of RAM last week. 🙂