Hmmm, apologies for not posting here lately, I tried to upgrade MovableType, which resulted in the upgrade script completely mangling my MySQL db. So I left it and went off on holidays. I’ve since tried to fix it a few times, but never got anywhere, so I’ve decided to get rid of MovableType (icky perl) and use WordPress (nice PHP). I hope to manually convert my MySQL dump of my MT blog into an importable format soon. I’ll also look at customising the templates.

For now, what have I been up to? Let see…

Rome was amazing, wonderful weather, beautiful sights, delicious food and cheap alcohol. Everything one expects with Italy. Stop over in London was good too. Photos will be online soon, as soon as I get enough spare cash to develop them.

When I arrived home, I was greeted by Thog, who arrived when I was away. After only a few weeks using OS X, I’m even more of a fan than I thought. Between OS X and Fink, I have a fully working, Debian like distro where everything just works. Plus, little tools like Quicksilver are indespensible bonuses. 🙂

College started a few weeks ago, going well so far, although I’m already up to my eyes, mainly with money work, not college work (there’s only a little bit of that).

As of yesterday, I have serious issues with Eircom, since they’ve done something to screw up my DSL line. So I’m seriously considering Irish Broadband‘s wireless broadband option. I can get the same link speed, but symmetrical, not assymetrical (like my ADSL), and request a decent IP block like a /27, all for €50 less than my current DSL. Very tempted indeed… Especially since I’ve eventually got almost all the components for my file server, which I hope to start building this weekend. I’ve got my DSL working for now, to some extent (if I ignore the hideously large latency to anywhere), but still not very happy with Eircom…