Slightly Annoyed, But Still Nerdy

The first of my many online orders eventually arrived, after a little run in with the known stupidity of GLS. Unfortunately, Elara don’t have my S-ATA controller in stock yet/still, so I’ve got 3 x 250GB hard disks acting as paperweights on my desk at the moment. :-/

At least I now have a nice new ATI Radeon 9200 card for my workstation. After a few issues trying to get it to work with XFree86 4.3.0 (I’m moving to‘s X server as soon as there are Debian packages…), I turned to ILUG and a few of the X server guru’s helped me out. Now I have my workstation running at a proper resoluton of 1600×1200 on a CRT monitor until I look into twin LCD monitors for a proper hydra system (something I came to rely upon in CP).

What’s even nicer about the graphics card is that it has 128MB of dedicated RAM, unlike the built in Intel POS on the motherboard which sucked my system RAM due to the stupid shared memory idea some hardware manufacturers came up with. Now my system load has gone down from over 3.00 with X, a few translucent mlterms, a randomly set background and Firefox to just 0.70. Much more acceptable. 🙂

I’ve also been making mental list of programs to install once Thog arrives later this week/early next week. iSync should do what I’ve been trying to get working on Linux for over a year now. Finally my phone and Palm will talk to a computer and each other. I’ve also got a crazy plan to try and sync Safari and Firefox bookmarks together into a single XML file so they transfer seemlessly between browsers, machines and platforms. It looks quite possible with the Bookmark Syncroniser extension and a WebDav server (I’m not too bothered getting .Mac account, enabling WebDav is cheaper and better).

I’m also quite tempted to splash out and get Konfabulator and Salling Clicker. Konfabulator looks especially interesting, since with a few PHP scripts strategically placed, rwhod and a little JavaScript, I can reach an all time laziness low by displaying the system loads of the servers I admin on my desktop. 🙂