Mal's Going To Hate Me…

Well, it’s been a long week.

Last weekend in Milan was wonderful. After a rocky start in the form of a 5 hour stopover in Beauvais airport on the way out, I eventually found Ciara. We had a lovely posh hotel to stay in which was quite affordable while Italy shuts down and goes on holiday during August.

During the week was rather uneventful, with the exception of Mal’s Surprise Birthday Party on Monday. It was a good night and everyone played “Give The Birthday Boy a Jack Daniels“… 🙂

This weekend was something else. I was working in the Maths Dept yesterdy afternoon and evening installing Debian onto 3 Dead Rat servers. After a couple of issues kept cropping up when things were going well, I eventually got to go home at 03:00 last night.

Today, I finally did what I have been planning all summer. I bought myself a new laptop. but not just any laptop, a nice decent laptop.

I’m also getting my act together and building a proper file server for all my stuff and am getting a decent graphics card for my workstation, to replace it’s onboard Intel POS which is known to crap out randomly so I have to restart my workstation at inconvenient moments…

Weekend Away

Recently I’ve found myself shopping online a lot.

After trying to buy a few USB mobile phone cables from Mobile Fun, I had lots of hassle with them. First they wanted proof of billing address, I followed their instructions (twice) and I never actually heard my order had shipped, then after sending them 6 or 7 emails asking what my order’s status was, I was eventually told that they had cancelled my order, without informing me of this. So, I’m taking my business to eXpansys in future.

Thankfully, my order for Kill Bill Vol 1 and Kill Bill Vol 2 had no problems. I quite like SendIt (nee´ Blackstar), not only were both DVDs only €20 each, but they’re quite quick to ship to Ireland for free. 🙂

Tomorrow’s my last day in Critical Path, since I’ve worked enough hours outside office hours (mostly last week), I’m able to take Friday off and still be paid for it. Of course having Friday off helps, I’m flying to Milan via Paris early on Friday to meet Ciara in Milan for a weekend away. 🙂

After the weekend, work shall be taking the the form of code monkey programming nixers and the usual adminning I’m always doing. Plus I might get to start planning to build a file server for home, since the current 600GB space (mostly full) just isn’t enough…

GMail on the Command Line

After getting a GMail account a number of months ago, I can finally use it.

My main problem was that I wanted to access it via a command line script I could simply automate it and treat it like my Mail.Com account I setup back in 1997 when collecting email addresses was all the rage (I use fetchmaildotcom for that account).

To grab the contents of your Gmail account, all you need is WWW::GMail from CPAN and a sample script from the module’s author.

Then all that needs to be done is simply edit the USERNAME and PASSWORD fields in the sample script accordingly, chmod the script to be executable (I recommend chmod 700 sample-script to protect your password) and pipe the script into your mail delivery system, eg sample-script | procmail