When It Rains It Pours…

After losing my sanity yesterday by spending over 7 hours on my own in the co-location facility working, I was hoping today would be better. Initially, it was, I finished up a number of things I was working on, so I was in a good position to try and renew my contract at Critical Path. I’ve now gotten another 3 weeks 🙂 Plus, I spent only 3 hours in the co-location facility this afternoon…

The problems started after work. A simple task of installing a few extra fans into an off site server I’m concerned about overheading went horribley wrong. The primary IDE controller died in my presence so the machine started refusing to boot. I should be able to simply use the newer IDE controller I installed to access larger hard disks but I need to work out the new root location first. :-/

Now that that server is high up on my to do list this weekend, my plans around working in the the Maths Dept this weekend… :-/


Hmmm, let’s see

  • I’ve saved a nice little ACI laptop from being thrown out at work. Soon it shall be my little xterm mlterm running laptop used for debugging problems and testing wireless networks.
  • I’m heading off again in 4 weeks time to Milan to pick up Ciara (who left for Milan this morning to do a 4 week course in Palazzo Feltrinelli) and to stay in the city for the weekend.
  • I also booked my holiday at the end of the summer. In late September, I’m heading to Rome for 7 days with Ciara. I’m looking forward to it, since I’ve always wanted to see Rome. 🙂 Since we’re flying via London, Ciara and I also decided to stay in London for two days on the way back, so we can get some good last minute shopping in before college starts… My god! I’m almost as jet set as Gary… ;P

That’s about it really. Apart from that stuff, I’m busy at work, have lots of nerdy things to keep me occuppied outside of work, including spending the bank holiday weekend in the Maths Dept to assist in The Great Email Conversion™ so that converting to a non 1970s based MTA is possible…

New Role

Ever since I left Netsoc in April, I was wondering what I would do instead in my spare time. After first enquiring 5 months ago, I’m now an admin for these good people. Finally, I’m going to get proper admin experience out of college… 🙂

Now, back to playing with rack servers and doing other cool things in Critical Path

It's Been a Good Week

After Monday’s good news, the week just got better and better.

Thanks to the efforts of Gary, I got a call from Critical Path who were in desperate need of a temp admin while a permanent admin is away. So after a brief first contact phone call this morning, I got asked to come in this afternoon to start straight away. 🙂

It’s a nice job too, general admin tasks like I’m used to, a data centre on site and enough money it looks like I may just be able to get my ideal laptop after all… 🙂