The Devil Makes Work For Idle Thumbs…

Well, it’s been 4 weeks to the day since I finished my last exam and I still have no job. I hate looking for summer jobs, they’re always a pain in the ass for me to find, since I’ve more experience than most people so companies could offer me a permanent position, but not a temporary position. :-/

I’ve gotten so fed up looking for a tech job I’m going to start looking for a job in video shops, pubs, etc… In the meantime, at least I have a nixer or two, but I won’t be seeing any cash from them for a number of weeks. 🙁

In other news, my precious is working quite nicely. It has pointed out to me just how bad a state my mp3 collection is in, especially the ID3 tags. At least that’s something to keep me occupied.

I also finally got my two Intergraph TD-310 workstations yesterday. They may have been made in 1997, but they currently have 2 x 200MHz Pentium Pro CPUs each, SCSI disks and (floppy + CD-ROM) drives. Unfortulately, this means I can’t seem to make a SCSI supporting boot disk for Knoppix to spec the hardware. Their graphics cards are interesting, Intergrah Intense 3D PCI cards with dual monitor outputs and a wide SCSI connector on them. Not to mention they’re the length of a normal computer and have 3 beefy heatsinks on them…

My plan for the two workstations is to install Gentoo and make them into a cluster with Linux Virtual Server and perhaps even UML once I see about upgrading the CPUs and sticking in more RAM and bigger SCSI disks.

New Home

Well, after spending this week looking for a job and clearing some of the long standing items off my To Do list, I finally got around to moving part of my website to the nice IPv6 enabled box which I am the most frequent user of. 🙂

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to clean up a lot of the site, reinstate my gallery, finally get around to writing an original stylesheet and convert some of my ancient php scripts to use a SQL DB

On the job hunt, the week wasn’t very good up until yesterday. A kind sir passed my CV onto his boss at work and as a result, I have an interview in XML Workshop for a summer code monkey position later today. Not only is this a better prospect than working in a shop, but I got a request for my CV from the manager in Labyrinth. It seems that my CV is being bounced around other managers in EsatBT… 🙂

I also finally got around to buying my 21st birthday present, which I managed to save a tidy little sum on (€50 educational discount as a student and another €100 when you ignore the VAT). Hence why I just used the Irish Apple Store instead of fumbling around with shops in the US…

Who Says It Has To Be The 13th?

Well, I’ve had better days than today…

After walking down to vote in the pouring rain, I was dually informed that I couldn’t vote because I wasn’t on the electoral register. I couldn’t (and still don’t) understand how I was able to vote the last 2 times and couldn’t vote this time. I’ve filled out forms at least 3 times to be registered and I’ve never seen the online register form work. As far as I know, there are only 2 ways a person is taken off the electoral registrar, if they die or they move somewhere else. I haven’t done either.

To make the day worse, I eventually resorted to phoning Labyrinth to chase up as to why I haven’t heard anything out of Esat HR in the last 2 ½ weeks since my interview. Within 30 min of my call, someone in the HR Dept was motivated enough to finally called me, only to tell me that the position I was interviewed for hasn’t been given funding yet, so they can’t give me the job… :-/

Which means, yet again I’m back to square one on the job hunt and I’m not amused. I wanted to start working soon after my exams, that pipe dream now isn’t going to talke place… I hate looking for a job every summer. I wish I could get a deccent job which I could work part time during the year to avoid all this crap every summer…

I Hate Windows!

The big nasty exam last Wed went well enough. It could have gone better, but I’m confident of a pass, anything more is a bonus. 🙂

I was having a lovely bank holiday weekend shopping, seeing Prisoner of Azkaban, enjying the weather etc, until I got stuck in work on Monday evening…

After a number of hours Monday evening and most of Tuesday, I’ve been reminded why I hate using Windows so much. Not only will it not install AutoCAD LT, the one remaining reason why Wndows is required, but all my various attempts to clone a duplicate PC already setup have failed. Grrr!!

At least I took a few hours off thi evening to go to a SAGE-IE meeting, which was really just a group of HEAnet admins, the only person crazy enough to have a computer like this and one or two others… At least that time wasn’t spent battling with Windows…’,’

Exam 4

Computer Architecture went well on Friday afternoon. A couple of surprises, but nothing I couldn’t adapt for. 🙂

Exam 5, the big bad one, Digital Electronics is tomorrow. I’ve spent the last few days worning on it and I’m going to put in one hell of a session all day today. :-/ At least it’s all over tomorrow. 🙂

One the job front, the interview for Labyrinth went well last week, although I haven’t heard much back, it’s looking more and more likely. It’s a nice job too. ½ admin work keeping workstations and servers running, ½ web money hacking stuff and writing websites. Plus the hours rotate, so there aren’t always 09:00 starts and some weekends on call. Oh and did I mention it also might involve occassionally going to EsatBT admin team meetings in London and/or Amsterdam? Let’s just shorten that description to Conall’s Ideal Job™ 😉