Exams 2 and 3

Algorithms on Monday went very well, which as a relief since it was one of the problematic two last year.

C++ yesterday went well, could have been better but went well. Then yesterday afternoon I enjoyed the glorious weather the only way one should, going to various beer gardens. 🙂

Tomorrow is Computer Hardware, which I’m not too worried about.

As some may have noticed as well, the “currently listening to” script is working again. Using some PHP trickery and Logjam‘s client for XMMS. The things one does to avoid study… 😉

Round 3: Exam 1

After spending the last few weeks studying (which did involve sitting on the patio with WiFi laptop, shades and my notes on Tuesday – I figure it’s a practical use for WiFi… 😉 my exams began today.

First exam: Mathematics

I was quite happy with the paper. One or two things I didn’t quite expect, but I took in my stride since I did an one extra question more than required as a backup. 🙂

Possibilities on the job front are looking up again this evening. Within 24 hours of sending my CV off to Labyrinth, they respond asking me to come in for an interview next week. 🙂

Next week should be interesting. 3 exams spread over Monday, Wednesday and Friday, none of which should pose too many problems and a talk on Moday evening from GNU‘s very own RMS.

Back To Square 1

After a promising non technical interview with a Google recruiter on Tuesday, I had a technical interview with the manager oif all the data centres globally. Well, it was supposed to be an interview but didn’t even get that far. It seems despite what the job description and what the first recruiter told me, it’s not a temporary position so it wouldn’t work out… :-/

It means I’m back to square 1, carpet bombing my CV to tech companies, ISPs, internet cafes, etc looking for something to keep me out of mischief.

At least yesterday wasn’t all bad, my ThinkGeek order arrived after I cleared out my wishlist. Now if only I could get my new clock to work, which requires a US -> Irish plug adaptor (I’ve already tried a multi voltage trnasformer withouth success).

And now to get breakfast before going back to study…

The Ball…

Had an interesting day yesterday as I prepared for the Ball. Just as I get most of my errands done and am heading home, Jim calls me to find out who rebooted a server. I eventually found out later the phantom admin was Gary, called in at short notice because Mal’s head was flying off or something…

I also had a hell of a time sourcing a particular bottle of wine for the small dinner party in my huose last night. It took me 5 off licences, including Oddbins before I found out the Dublin supplier of Wolf Blass Chardonnay Semillon doesn’t have any left, so nowhere in Dublin would have it. Eventually, I discovered a few bottles in box sets in SuperQuinn and managed to convince the sales staff to open up a box set for me and he even printed barcodes for a cheaper Chardonnay Semillon for me… 🙂

During the afternoon, I got a phone call about one of the job applications I made last Monday. I now have a telephone interview next week for the position of Data Centre Technician for Google Ireland. 🙂

Last night was good. After the nice 3 course dinner I cooked in my house with Ciara, Emma and Leah, we headed into Siobhan’s flat before finally heading down to the Ball.I bumped into lots of people during the night, including Gary, Nóirín and Colmmacc, Graham, Joe (with his top hat), Denise, Donal and many others before I retired home around 3am. I would have liked to check out Too Many DJs, but I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan…

All in all, a good day…


Hmmm, had a busy week last week.

Not only did I go to the ICT eXPO to grab as much free stuff as I could (and left with a new bag for my laptop, CD-Rs, a stress ball, a few retractible phone cables and countless other goodies) last Wednesday.

Thanks to Nóirín and Colmmacc I was part of a group given a tour around HEAnet on Thursday which included the server room. Of course, as we were being shown ftp, I felt I had to ask “Can we unplug it?” to try and test the response times of people downstairs… 🙂 *evil grin*

The weekend was fairly quite, I spent some time tinkering with my new WiFi extended network at home (I’m almost at the stage I can check my email from a hammock in the back garden… ;). I also managed to see Kill Bill vol 2, which I liked, especially for it’s soundtrack… On Sunday, I was out for Leah’s birthday which retired to Solas after dinner.

Today was interesting, with a few people getting rather frustrated that the TCD Mail Server wasn’t always accessible, probably caused by Sasser (or one of it’s variants) on the TCD network. At least I was thankful most of my mail personal mail was unaffected on it’s new home. 🙂

This week will be spent applying for summer jobs and working on coursework and typeset notes before the Trinity Ball on Friday evening, even though the line-up won’t make up their mind if they’ll play. Should be fun… 🙂