After almost a month’s plotting, I organised a night out on Friday with the intention of surprising Kevin and Louise. The surprise? Leah has returned for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to surprise Louise as we would have liked, but Kevin’s expression when he was silent, with his jaw hanging was priceless. 🙂

The rest of the weekend was rather quiet, spending time with Ciara and working, either tidying up network cables for a client or researching firewalling options that allow VPN connections, since I’ve finally ordered 3Com wireless hardware from Komplett so I can study from the comfort of a hammock in the back garden… 🙂

Big Day For Me

After a long weekend spent mosting resting after last week’s sleep deprivation and recovering from my coca cola addiction (I even contemplated taking it intravenously…), I’ve had an interesting start to a 4 day week,

In the mere 13 hours between arriving in college this evening and home again this morning

  • I aided the purchase of an inflatable sheep (20th birthday present for Kevin),
  • saw all sorts of people, including Gary, Mackers, Michael and Mal (aka The Boss Man 😉 at the Netsoc AGM,
  • getting an invitation to setup a Gmail beta account thanks to Nóirín and Colm (all I need now is POP3S or DUIS by resigning as an admin (I hate "adminning" with mittens!!)
  • and finally, being asked to care for a 15GB iPod for the night for safe keeping.


I now want an iPod more than ever. They’re so cool!! At least my iPod fund was started by my 21st presents and in about month hopefully, I’ll be able to get a 40GB laser engraved iPod from the Irish Apple Store. The joys of not having to pay VAT on gadgets. 🙂

Extra Extra, Read All About It…

First off, apologies for leaving this place so stale and out of date. I encounted problems recently with MovableType and haven’t had the time until now to fix them to allow me to post again. Mysteriously, I can’t seem to recreate the problem and everything works. *shrug*

Well, let’s see now. Wexford was very nice a few weeks ago. It was wonderful to just get away from everyting for a while, even if I had my laptop with me for college work I had to do while I was away.’,’The last week of my spring break was spent between a computer lab in college working away on my group programming project of the Red Cow Simulator and celebrating my 21st. Apart from the coding session, I had a lot of fun. Ciara brough me out to Yamamori Noodles for a lovely dinner, followed by The Woman Who Walked Into Doors in the Olympia. Neither of us were very impressed with the play, mainly because it was far too slow moving and repeditive.

I had a good night out in the Porterhouse with a few friends the night before my birthday. It was a good night out with friends from my old class in college and included a minute birthday cake with sparklers for candles and a tiny birthday card the size of a postage stamp. Thanks girls. 🙂

For my birthday, I had a family meal in Nosh, where I receiced some interesting gifts including a lovely Seiko watch from Ciara and money towards a trip to Rome from my parents. 🙂

Since my birthday, I’ve spent most of my time working on my group project in a futile attempt to get something to show for the final demonstration later today and working on a client’s network iuncluding installing a Debian Linux server and setting up a VPN to secure the wireless network.

Thankfully, now that the group project is effectively over, with very little to show, I’m now not so busy. I entend to use this 4 day weekend to kick back and relax for a few days and get myself ready to begin studying for the exams in a few weeks, so I can pass them cleaning in a single sitting…