New And Shiny

Much better.

As a test, I’ve transferred over my site to the new "stable" server. Everything is so much nicer and not so archaic. 🙂 Unfortunately, in the move, my photo gallery got b0rked slightly, so I’ve disabled it until I have time next weekend to fix it…

Anyway, since I’m going to Wexford early tomorrow, this is my "Away until Further Notice" message. If you’re looking for me, send me an email, the TCD and Netsoc nameservers have finally caught up with my recent changes, so there won’t be any more email problems.



I’ve been neglecting my blog, but for a very good reason. This last week was rather busy in college, with numerous handups due. Thankfully, all handups are in and I’m on spring break for the next 3 weeks. *puts feet on desk*

In the next week or two, my site may be inaccessable for a short while when it get’s transferred to it’s new home on a one of the brand new servers commissioned by Mal. If anyone who reads my blog has a vhost they’ve gotten setup by Mal or myself should know their vhost will be moving too. Emailing Mal or I to discuss when it gets transferred within the next month is a good idea, otherwise, it’ll move over a weekend, to avoid any disruption during office hours.’,’In other news, almost got my DSL modem setup and working. Not only is it a new Speedtouch USB 330 "rev 400" version which is just gotten Linux support, but the two Linux drivers, the kernel space and the user space drivers (which shouldn’t be mixed), are mixed on the web. They both seem to share the same mailing list and use the same firmware loading program, sometimes using prepackaged versions of said program from the other version in documentation. It’s very confusing. So, I’m just waiting for my bug to be solved so that Speedtouchconf will solve all of my problems. 🙂

Apart from that, not much news. Been playing around with IRC again, this time on the ILUG IRC server, instead of dodgy DALnet servers I was once known for using back in 1999. It also means I’ve to learn to use IRC commands that one should use to talk to actual humans, as opposed to the few commands I learnt before which were only good talking to bots…

I’m also going to Wexford for a few days next week. Just like last year, I’ll be out numbered by girls. 🙂 But I’ll have my laptop and I’ll be busy coding away on my programming project, since the rest of my group seem reluctant to sit down (or sit still for that matter) and do some coding. :-/