Inner Child

On Saturday, Ciara and I went to somewhere neither of us have been to in years, the zoo. It was fun, despite having to rush around before closing time. Personally, I think London Zoo is better, but that’s just me.

This afternoon I finally got my laptop back from repairs. It works again, but I still have a bit of updating (mainly the kernel) and reconfiguration so it behaves like I want it to. At least I’m back working in the library instead of in the computer labs. I’ve missed having the power to fix my own problems. Plus the library is quieter…

Now, off home I go for 24 and pancakes, since it is Pancake Tuesday today and Thiest Marking Day (as I like to call it) tomorrow… 🙂


This week has been surprisingly tranquil. Did a few things here and there for work, mainly researching hardware to be purchased. I’ve also received my new DSL modems, and once I have ironed out the kinks in the setup phase, I’ll have IPv6 working at home too. 🙂

This afternoon, I started sending off CVs in the annual hunt for a summer job. So far, I’ve applied to some interesting companies, namely HEAnet, Google and Phorest Communications.

Withdrawal Sympthoms

After spending the last few days almost exclusively in LG35, a CS lab without net access, I’ve tested the limits of my sanity. The reason I was in such a lab? To work on my Mircoprocessor Project.

After 3 days of tracing wires, reviewing the theory and replacing 4 integrated circuits (including two core components, the CPU and the EEPROM, it still wasn’t working. One of the major signals (DTACK), which basically means reading or writing has been completed, refused to work. Oh well, I was getting more help from Vivian, Michael and Brian in particular more than the other members actually in my group…

I ended up calling it a day and dragging another overworked soul out for a well earned drink, before a very productive booze run to Oddbins on the way home…

I’m going to enjoy this weekend, because I finally have the time to crash for a few days and admin that I’m sick, and have been since December… :-/



Mozilla Firefox (neé Mozilla Firebird (neé Phoenix)) 0.8 was released yesterday. The main reason why Mozilla Firefox is a good thing, is because it’s almost ready to step into Seamonkey’s place, once Firefox gets to 1.0 (which has been the plan all along). Admitidly, it didn’t make much difference to me at home, considering I’ve had a simple shell purging stale Firebird nightlys and setting up new nightlys every 24 hours for the last few months…. At least I’ve updated my stable installs on other machines as well. 🙂

Mozilla Thunderbird (now at 0.5 as of yesterday as well) is also quite good, but I never moved to 0.4 in December, instead I ended up returning to the light, back to using Mutt for my MUA and Evolution for all my PIM needs. Perhaps I should try it for it’s offline IMAP features again. Then I could try and wean clients and parents alike away from MS Outlook. *spit*


Last few days have been busy. I’ve had a backlog of work I’ve been dealing with, not to mention little nixers being thrown my direction. this week, just like last week, will mainly be spent working on my 2BA4 Microprocessor project which needs to get to a particular stage by the 20th, when it’s due to be demonstrated. Of course, I’m also going to have to explain to the rest of my group how it works, for one of them to demo it. *sigh*

On the social front, last week was fairly busy too. 3 birthdays in 3 days, Louise on Monday, plus two 21sts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Was out for Louise’s on Tuesday and Michelle’s 21st on Saturday. Not only that, but I introduced my brother to the wonder that is Mahaffey’s on Friday night. He wasn’t very impressed, they didn’t sell tinnies…

This week shouldn’t be too bad. No birthday’s, but Valentines’s Day is approaching, so plans have been set in motion. No Ciara, I’m not posting them here, nor will I tell you… ;P

I’ve also decided I won’t sit the Schol papers after all, mainly because coursework and money work are taking up too much time, so I won’t get enough study done. Definitely a good idea since I thought this week is week 5 of term, when it’s really week 6. :-/

Radio Waves

After numerous months saying I’d buy them, I finally bought some meticiously planned and researched hardware. On Friday, I bought a Cadmus USB Bluetooth adaptor for a mere €49 in Maplin. It’s great, my desktop now has basic Bluetooth connectivity, which will let me do all sorts of cool things, like control XMMS using my T610 within a 100m thanks to this guy. 🙂

It wasn’t even too hard to setup, since it’s a CSR based device, It has BlueZ support, which meant all I had to do was:

  • select some basic Bluetooth drivers in my 2.6.1 kernel
  • recompile my kernel
  • apt-get install the BlueZ packages (since I use Debian)
  • reboot the new kernel and away I went…

The other piece of hardware I bought this afternoon, was the long sought after hardware solution to solve my IPv6 tunnelling woes. I should have a nice Speedtouch USB 330 in or around the 15th, since I had to organise a snail mail proxy to order them from a site that only delivers to the UK. :-/

It also looks like MyDoom has succeeded in taking down but not already. Not too bad, for the worst virus ever. Ah, well, let’s give it a few more hours with Microsoft… 😉

I’m just glad I decided to stop using Windows. 🙂