Syncing Goodness

Finally sat down and got one of my infra red pods working with my desktop under Debian running a nice, shiny 2.6.1 kernel. This means that I now have a my phone and Palm syncing together via Evolution.

Now all I need to do with the computers at home is order the hardware this week to setup my IPv6 tunnel to HEAnet (thanks to SixXS) and clean up my mp3 and divx collection, including converting huge vob file dumps to XviD encoded avi files…

Ying Yang

Good Things Recently

  1. Getting pilot-link and Evolution working with my Palm on Linux.
  2. Discovering OddBins selling off bottle of Duvel for €2.15 each.
  3. Finally getting a copy of 1984 as something to read when I can’t sleep…
  4. Stopping my algorithms lecturer cold when he eventually understood that my word search algorithm is much more efficient that he was thought.

Bad Things Recently

  1. My laptop dying after repeatidly refusing to turn on.
  2. Being run down from being sick and not sleeping very well.
  3. Having too much to do with not enough time to do them all in.
  4. Being broke due to Christmas and still owed a large amount by the Tax Man.
  5. Having to loiter around corriders in college until someone else opens the door I want to open, since the swipe card system is b0rked.

4 – 5? Bugger.

Deja Vu

After the mess with handups left, right and centre in the final few weeks last year, my group programming project has begun as of last Thurs. Of course, in my absent, on health grounds (no, really!!) my class were asked to form into groups of 5 by yesterday. I only discovered this yesterday, so I’m going to be stuck in a group of remainders from the class for the second year running. :-/ Hopefully, this year’s project (whatever it will be, I decided not to care and wait until it’s assigned to me) won’t crash and burn like last year’s. A few things are certain. Mailing lists are good, CVS will be mandatory and I’ll seize control of the group from the start and control them as long as I could be bothered.

Apart from this, second year seems to be going well this time around. Edsko has been helpful when required as I typeset my 2BA5 notes, since I figure I should revise them soon after I take them, plus I’m getting more experience with LaTeX, which can’t be any harm. I’ve decided to sit the Schol exams in March, with the aim of getting exceptions from as many end of year exams as possible.

I really wish I had the time to sit down and work out why MPlayer in my room won’t play the online stream on Phantom FM. It sucks on;y getting Phantom at the weekends. Hopefully, either it’s a tiny little glitch I just haven’t realised, or ComReg, the evil endity that it is, gives them their well deserved licence so I can finally listen to a good radio station during thenight, instead of all the crap that exists on every other Irish/Dublin station…


During the night, I’ve just found something I’ve been in search of for months, mlterm. I’ve installed and configured them exactly like how I like my Eterms (transparent, no scollbars, etc…) in Fluxbox. Why mlterm is so nice? Simple, they support Unicode text. Finally, a nice xterm that does utf8 and transparency (without the need for KDE or Gnome).


Bill Joy's Latest Project

While reading a recent issue of Wired, came across this interview with Bill Joy, known for founding Sun Microsystems and writing BSD. From reading one question (at the bottom of the page), he’s up to some pretty cool sounding stuff involving Linux

As for me, I’m still sick, only I’ve gotten worse in the last few days. Sinus headaches are as merciless as usual, so sleep is quickly becoming a distant memory. Another trip to the doctor looks imminent as my sinus infection and chest infection have gotten worse since last week. 🙁

Now that college has started again, I’ve been shedding some work projects, partially to focus on study and partially to purge stale projects that have been idle far too long. Instead, I’m spending more time tinkering with web server stuff, in an effort aid Mal with his never ending web server support stuff, which is nice. It means I’m a bit more self sufficient and I don’t have to stop being as technical as with some projects…


Even with the mandatory invasions from my extended family, I had a rather quiet Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I dragged Chocolate Boy down to my local, The Playwright with Ciara and the Gruesome Twosome, (my brother and my cousin), for a couple of drinks. Admitidly, I was a bit merry by the end of the night, but it was Christmas after all…

The last few days haven’t been the best, my head cold apears to have turned into a sinus infection and a rather nasty cough, at least that’s what I think the doctor will confirm tomorrow. I blame the cold weather.

At least I’ve been up to a few things, such as the previosly mentioned gathering of nerds for nerdy talk over dinner. That was fun. We almost got Gary to upgrade his phone to a shiny little T610 between his starter and main course. Then I witnessed the McKay/Whyte Dine-And-Dash Routine in all it’s glory moments before I toddled off to the cinema to see Cold Mountian, which is very good….

Last night, I went to a quiet party out in Lainey’s with Ciara, Justin and a few others. Of course, distracted by the red wine drinking and the chocolate eating, we accidentally missed midnight on the dot, judging by the ticker tape visible on many of the TV stations we noticed all of a sudden.

Some interesiting little things I’ve found on the internet over the last few days include a cool clock and When Americans Get Bored.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, bed calls…