Bath and Beyond…

Bath was wonderful last week. Very cold (I could see my own breath constantly), but very good. Almost completed all my Christmas shopping in one clean go, considering I was accompanied by Ciara the entire time, that’s not too bad… Had some lovely meals there too, particularly in The Firehouse Rotisserie and Le Beaujolais (which has extremely dodgy decor, particularly it’s lights, see photos…)

After coming home, numerous work projects kept me busy after they built up while I was away. Thankfully now, all are under control, so I can relax for Christmas… 🙂

This evening, after having dinner in The Market Bar, I ended up having a few pints with my best mate in our local, The Playwright, before we return there tomorrow evening for our annual Christmas Eve Family Pissup… 😉


I really have neglected my blog, but there hasn’t been much that’s blog-worthy. :-/

Well, since my last update, I’ve been rather busy. Work on a particular website has been moving irradically. When things start to move, it goes very well, but then everything seems to stop very quickly, mainly due to sabotage by a little idiot scared that I want his job or something. I really should consider charging more for such an awkward hassle…

Of course, multiple adminning jobs are popping up left, right and centre which is good for my wallet, especially since funds are low with Christmas presents and festive alcohol trips still to be paid for. At least I’ve finally bitten the bullet and splashed out on a new phone that actually works. I got a pretty little T610 which was rediciously cheap thanks to Vodafone’s Upgrade service and friends like Emma getting me Vodafone Staff discounts. 🙂

On the nerdy front, I haven’t been up to too much over the last while. Currently trying to get BIND running at home. It’s working in reverse so far. 😉 I’ll come back to it on Thurs after I return from Bath, hopefully with a Speedtouch 330 so my long struggle to get IPv6 working at home will finally come to an end…

Anyway, I’m off to Bath tomorrow, must pack… (I don’t intend to hide out there for a week, like some people, since The Law aren’t after me… 😉

Not Again!!!

Two years ago to the day/night, I woke up in Dalkey, outside the Shell Garage after being thrown off the NiteLink I had fallen asleep on (after a night that involved me consuming 2 bottles of white wine… 😉

Tonight, after a surreal night which involved talking to an old girlfriend from years ago and a few hours with my old class in Coyote, I did the same thing. I woke up in the same place, at 03:00, but this time no money to get a taxi, unlike the last time. So in 100 min flat, after a day of lectures and work, I marched the simplest route home. *wheeze*

Thankfully, both my lectures tomorrow are cancelled, so I’m staying in bed, since I’m exausted and finished for the term… 🙂

*embraces bed*


Apologies for neglecting to post updates, last week was a busy, with multiple handups due in college. At least I’ve survived, and in the process getting everything done quite well, I even had my Eiffel assignment using xterm console colours (thanks to a little help from Edsko). It even worked, so I didn’t have to fake the sample output by writing a copy in PHP, unlike last year. I still have a few handups this week, but I can see the end of the tunnel…

I only have one or two pieces of news otherwise. Ciara gave me my Christmas present during last week. She’s bringing me away to Bath on the 15th for 2 days. 🙂 Ciara also finally got her laptop on Friday. I’ve yet to be allowed to see it, but I’ve been told it’s a very nice customised Dell Inspiron 500m now going by the name of "Daisy"…

On the work apsect, the end of this week looks rather busy, since a website I’m working on is likely to be going live on Dec 10th for the Trinity Open Day, not to mention assorted other nixers lined up for me once I’m on holidays. At least I’ll be able to afford Bath and Christmas. 🙂